About your Tutors

Puppy School West Midlands puppy classes are run by qualified puppy training tutors:

Puppy Training Tutors GroupPuppy School tutors come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Apart from running our puppy classes many have thriving careers in rescue shelters and some work as veterinary nurses, dog walkers, dog groomers, dog training professionals or behaviourists. What they all have in common is a passion for training puppies and a keen interest in animal welfare and behaviour.

Our Puppy School tutors and associate tutors must undergo extensive training before teaching Puppy School classes. This includes an application and interview process, six days of comprehensive theory covering a range of topics from animal learning to lesson plans (taught by founder and director, Gwen Bailey, APBC registered behaviourist), as well as three days of supervised practical work and a comprehensive correspondence course.

We monitor our Puppy School classes regularly to ensure the highest standards are consistently being maintained. Tutors are carefully overseen by Regional Managers to make sure they are using all the skills necessary to become excellent, positive, reward-based puppy trainers. Our tutors must uphold our Code of Conduct at all times and must complete a sufficient amount of continued professional development each year.

Puppy School is delighted to have been recognised as a Practitioner Organisation for the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). The ABTC is the regulatory body that represents animal trainers and animal behaviour therapists to both the public and to legislative bodies. It is the only animal welfare charity that is primarily concerned with protecting the psychological welfare of animals undergoing training and behaviour activities.

Sandie and Bill Dallow – Puppy School Kidderminster

Puppy School Kidderminster is run by Sandie Dallow and her husband Bill.

Puppy School Tutor Sandie Dallow Sandie has been training and working with dogs since 1996. She has trained a variety of breeds including German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Schnoodles (Miniature Schnauzer x Toy Poodle), Dutch Herder, Husky/GSD cross, Rottie/GSD cross, Spaniels, a Sprocker and a Westie.
She has trained them in obedience, tracking and searching and her Westie, Mollie, as a Pets as Therapy Dog. Sandie loves walking with her dogs and recently took Mollie back to her "roots" on a walking holiday in Scotland.
From Sandie: "Inheriting a dog with major issues was the reason she became involved with Puppy School, had he had proper socialisation with people, dogs and environmental stimuli I'm sure he would not have "suffered" the trauma he did as he got older. Dogs can be the best friends in the world especially when "educated" properly. Puppy School is all about educating dogs and owners and the result is a happy, socialised family pet that the whole family can enjoy."

Bill has completed his Puppy School Tutors course and is a fully qualified tutor. Bill may take lessons in Sandie’s absence.

For more info, please visit: www.puppyschoolkidderminster.co.uk

Sharron Byard – Puppy School Atherstone

Puppy School Atherstone is run by Sharron Byard.

Puppy School Tutor Sharron ByardSharron loves spending time with her three Irish Setters Ruari, Ferghal and Phen.
Ferghal and Phen have both qualified for Crufts and both Ruari and Ferghal were also shown at the European Dog Show in Belgium in 2016. Phen has been awarded several 'Best of Breed' awards and was 3rd Open Dog at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam in 2018 - amazing achievements.

From Sharron: “All of these fun activities increase bonding and trust between you and your dog which is why it is important to socialise and train a new puppy early. I look forward to meeting you and your new puppy – as you embark on a lifetime of adventures together!”

For more info, please visit: www.puppyschoolatherstone.co.uk

Sarah and Adam Smith – Birmingham

Puppy School Birmingham is run by Sarah Smith and her husband Adam.

Puppy School Tutor Sarah SmithSarah and Adam share their like with Nanuk, an Alaskan Malamute, Nia a German Shepherd cross Husky and Nala, a Siberian Husky. Sarah’s love of sled dogs was born through ski holidays in Canada and North America, providing her and Adam with the opportunity to take dog sled tours through the Rockies.

From Sarah: “The Puppy School principals and training have helped both dogs become well mannered, sociable and beautifully behaved dogs. We even have the luxury of being able to walk them both off lead. Puppy School allows me to meet so many incredible dogs and their owners, helping them improve their understanding of one another along the way. I am a total advocate of reward-based training and continue to be amazed by the success that this simple training methodology brings”

For more info, please visit: www.puppyschoolhollywood.co.uk/

Tamsin Peachy – Solihull

Puppy School Solihull is run by Tamsin Peachy.

Puppy School Tutor Tamsin PeachyTamsin decided to become a Puppy School tutor after working in rescue where she saw many dogs with behaviour problems that could have been prevented through good training and socialisation.

After studying a master’s degree in animal behaviour, Tamsin used this knowledge to help her own rescue dog Milo overcome his various fears. He is now living the dream with lots of belly rubs, snuggles, country walks and tennis balls to play with!

From Tamsin: “Puppy School classes are fun yet relaxed with exercises broken down into small steps achievable for all. You and your puppy will learn lots of essential training exercises, socialise with other puppies (and their owners) and enjoy some play time. On completion of the course puppy owners will have the skills and knowledge to help shape their puppy's into well behaved, happy adult dogs as they continue to grow and develop on the future”.

For more info, please visit: http://bestbehaviourpets.weebly.com/puppyschoolsolihull.html

Sue Price – Worcestershire

Puppy School Worcestershire is run by Sue Price

Sue PriceSue had been an assistant dog trainer for over three years with the Happy Dog Training Co in Tewkesbury. Animals have always featured in Sue’s life and she has always had an affinity with them.

From Sue: “When I got my first dog, I knew how important it was to get his training right and I wanted it to be in a positive rewarding way. This was when I found my local Puppy School and I was instantly impressed by their ethos and values. Thanks to all the training I went through with them, we were lucky enough to be selected by the Kennel Club, to appear in the Kennel Clubs Good Citizen Gold Display team at Crufts in March 2013. My classes are fun, friendly and we only use positive reward-based training. Everyone in your family is welcome at class and you are more than welcome to come and watch a class before you sign up”

For more info, please visit: www.pershoreandeveshampuppyschool.co.uk

Emma Dyer and Kate Radburn – Redditch, Alcester and Stratford

Puppy School Redditch, Alcester and Stratford is run by Emma Dyer and Kate Radburn.

Puppy School Tutor Kate RadburnBoth Emma and Kate are both ABTC qualified trainers and instructors, as well as proudly being Puppy School tutors. Between them, Kate and Emma have nearly ten years’ experience working with dogs and their owners, helping them to build wonderful relationships and achieve their training goals. They run a variety of other classes including puppy school follow on courses, adult beginner classes and APDT good companion awards.

Emma holds a certificate in canine training and behaviour and is also a certified Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer. Outside of work, she enjoys training and competing with her dogs in agility and other dogs sports such as canicross. Emma is passionate about helping people to understand dog body language and behaviour.

Kate holds an FdSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour and passed her APDT examination to become a full member (#01376). Whilst continuing to pursue further academic studies in animal behaviour, Kate greatly enjoys scentwork with her own dog and the shared teamwork it brings. Armed with a sound understanding of canine behaviour, she particularly loves the challenge of more complex problems and helping owners to work with their dog to resolve unwanted behaviours.

Emma and Kate are passionate about training and continue to develop their skills and knowledge through further learning, courses, seminars and conferences. The courses we teach are regularly updated to reflect advances that are made in training; Emma and Kate are committed to delivering the highest standard tuition to you and your dog.

For more info, please visit: www.theclevercaninecompany.co.uk

Bobs Broadbent – Puppy School Litchfield

Puppy School Litchfield is run by Bobs Broadbent

Bobs Broadbent has worked full time with dogs for over twenty years and has a wealth of experience to share with new puppy parents.

She has and Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management (ADipCBM), became a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 2007 (APDT 0094) is a registered Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) and joined Puppy School in 2005, qualifying as a Tutor in 2007.

From Bobs: "Puppies grow up so fast they need good guidance from the beginning to ensure everyday experiences become the best foundations for lifelong learning. By joining Puppy School straight after vaccination new puppy parents learn how to give their puppy the best start. This six-week course is specially designed for fully vaccinated puppies up to 20 weeks of age and training methods are positive, force-free and reward-based. The classes are well structured but relaxed, fun, friendly and easy to follow". For more info, please visit: www.dogknows.co.uk/lichfield-kings-bromley